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Frequently Asked Questions

At Digital Aquariums, we specialize in Picture Frame Aquariums, Digital Picture Frames, Aquarium DVD's, Specialty DVD's, and other Digital Devices.
All of our sales are final. We have no control how other companies produce their products. All DVD's are NTSC, Make sure your DVD Player can play them.
For Blu-ray discs, tou ned a Blu-ray player.

Shipping and Handling
We offer free ground shipping on all orders within the continental United States. We do not offer free ground shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or other countries, since this method is not provided by our carriers.

International Orders are $10 more per item. Click below.

Please note that delivery time is subject to the ability of our couriers to fulfill their delivery schedule. Digital Aquariums is not liable for packages that weren't delivered on time because of mishaps or unavoidable delays by our couriers.

Note: Corrections made to addresses after shipment result in a $10 correction fee.
Processing Your Order
All orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days. In case the product you selected is on backorder, you will receive immediate notification and be given the choice to remain on backorder, substitute the backordered item for another item or cancel the order. All orders go through an address verification system in order to protect our customers and the company against fraud. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel any orders that are suspected of being under fraudulent activity.

Sales Tax
Sales Tax is charged at 6.25% on all items for Illinois residents and 8.0% on some picture frames and SD Cards for California residents.

Customer Service
Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time. Whether itís placing an order or answering questions that may help in your purchasing decisions our specialists are ready to assist you. During non-business hours you can contact us via voicemail or send an email. Please leave a clear, detailed message and you will receive a call back as soon as possible.
Billing Information
Billing Address (Name, Address, Phone Number, and e-mail)
Shipping Address (Name, Address, Phone Number, and e-mail)
Billing Information (Name on Card, Card Number, Card Type, and Expiration Date)

This information is used ONLY for the purpose of processing your order. The shipping address is required in order to ship your order; the e-mail address is used to send your receipt and tracking information; the billing address is needed to verify the identity of the cardholder; and the phone number is neccessary so that we can call you if there's a problem with your order.

TV and DVD Specs:

Plasma and LCD televisions are designed for Enhanced Definition (EDTV) and High Definition (HDTV) 16:9 widescreen images. Normal televisions are designed for Standard Definition (SDTV) 4:3 images. Our DVDs are designed to take advantage of the EDTV/HDTV formats.

To understand why Plasma and LCD televisions are superior to standard television sets, you must first understand the three differences that set them apart: ASPECT RATIO, RESOLUTION & SIGNAL PROCESSING.

ASPECT RATIO is the first difference you will immediately notice upon comparing the two TVs. Plasma and LCD TVs generally have a display that is wide like a movie theater screen. This panoramic view fits more naturally with how the human eye sees the world. This is commonly referred to as a "16:9" aspect ratio. The screen measures 16 units wide and 9 units high. Standard TVs have a screen with a "4:3" aspect ratio. The Standard TV image looks more square than panoramic.

Digital Aquariums DVDs are shot using a camera that captures the images in beautiful "16:9" aspect ratio. Our DVDs are specifically designed for Plasma and LCD TVs but they will work on standard "4:3" television sets.

RESOLUTION is the amount of detail in a television image. Most standard TVs have maximum of 480 vertical INTERLACED lines of resolution. This means that the picture is made up of 480 lines of information in each frame. There are 30 frames per second. In each frame, there are two FIELDS. Standard TVs display two FIELDS in every frame. One field displays the 240 positive scan lines and one field displays the 240 negative scan lines in every frame. This process is called INTERLACING and is responsible for the "flicker" you see on normal televisions.

Plasma and LCD TVs generally have between 480 and 1080 lines of resolution. They are capable of displaying a DE-INTERLACED image called PROGRESSIVE SCANNING. Progressive scan images display ALL of the scan lines in every frame and do not alternate from positive to negative like interlaced TVs do. This provides a smoother more life-like image. If you have a progressive scan DVD player, it is capable of playing the superior 480p (progressive scan) image. This is considered an Enhanced Definition image.

Digital Aquariums recommends that you not play any of our DVD's longer than 2 hours straight on Plasma and Tube type TV's. We will not be held responsible for any screen burn, due to misuse of our products.

Forms of Payment
For online orders via our shopping cart we accept most major credit cards and Paypal. We also accept checks and money orders. Mail your check or money order along with a detailed letter listing the items you would like and the shipping destination.

Return Policy
All Sales are final. We will replace any defective items within 7 days after purchase. All DVD's are NTSC Region free or Region 1.

Digital Aquariums is not liable in any way for returned packages that were lost or damaged during shipment by Shipping Companies.

Please ship returns/exchanges to:

Digital Aquariums
2720 Natures Way
Lenzburg, IL 62255

NOTE: Due to the fact that Digital Aquariums ships from different warehouses around the country to expedite your shipping time, the address on your packing slip may NOT be the correct address for handling returns.

Please include a copy of your receipt along with a description of all problems you had with the packaged components. You should choose a courier that provides tracking and insurance for your package. We do not reimburse shipping and handling costs incurred by Digital Aquariums or the customer while processing your return.

The warranty period of all the products we sell is stated by the manufactuer.



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