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The Complete Aquaria DVD Collection
(Best Value! Contains all 5 Aquaria Titles!)
5 Aquarium DVD's, DVD Aquariums
5 DVD FishTanks

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The Complete Aquaria? Aquarium DVD Set from DVD International Features:

10+ Hours (all of the Aquaria titles on 2 discs!) of relaxing fish video shot for high-end home theater systems
Plays in widescreen, letterbox or standard TV with no stretching or distortion
Play once or loop infinitely
Choice of four audio tracks (bubbles, waves, relaxation & meditation music in Dolby Digital & DTS Surround Sound Sound
Region 1
Special close-up tracks, showing all fish in detail
Fishographies (care information and genus/species information)

"You'll Love Your Aquarium DVD!"
Turns your TV into a Aquarium

In the Continental United States!

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