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There's nothing more inspiring and soothing than a waterfall. Enjoy the splendor of the waterfalls of Cairns and Atherton regions of Australia in this ambient virtual video. Australian composer Ken Davis masterfully accompanies the natural ambient sounds of nature with his music, which you can option to have on, or just listen to the natural sounds. This is the only Ken Davis video. Cool jets of rolling water topple from the top of jutting cliffs, colliding with the collecting pool below in a burst of bubbles and beauty. Vibrant parrots and flamingos soar in stark contrast to the lush, green rainforest, abundant with vines, palms, and ferns.Tropical fish swim and dive in the rippling mountain stream. A brilliant rainbow arcs above it all in glorious mist. Restore your spirit as the sounds of rushing water and serene music soothe you. DVD Features
Continuous Play
NTSC Format Only
Dolby Digital Audio
Natural Sound Effects
Soothing Soundtracks
Vivid Picture Resolution
A Great Sleep Aid

"You'll Love Your Waterfall DVD"
Turns your TV into a Beatiful Waterfall

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