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Reefscapes - Natures Aquarium DVD,
Coral Reef DVD Aquarium.
Turn Your TV into a Beautiful Tank

New Version

The Ultimate Saltwater Aquarium DVD

The world's most stunning underwater scenery transforms your TV screen into a natural outdoor aquarium. Created for anyone looking for something colourful, dynamic and beautiful to showcase on their widescreen TV – be it in the home, the office, a public reception area, lobby, or any space suitable for an aquarium. There’s no dialogue, no story – just the splendour of the South Pacific’s coral reefs as if you were right there.

Region Free

(Plays on ANY DVD player, anywhere in the world)



Filmed the clear blue waters of the Fiji Islands, Reefscapes: Nature's Aquarium is a remarkable hour-long collection of 137 seamlessly unfolding ocean scenes. Magnificent corals serve as a natural backdrop to the reef's innumerable colourful fish as they swim in and out of this unique tropical marine stage. The camera documents the dynamic and very real scenes of untamed coral reefs - and the action unfolds not within the confines of a fish tank, but in the South Pacific's limitless blue. With high-end optics and super-wide lenses for outstanding picture clarity, Nature's Aquarium singularly captures the unsurpassed beauty and glory of the vast underwater world. Bonus feature Reefscapes: A Closer Look — enjoy a 20-minute undersea journey and delight in meeting the colourful cast and characters of Fiji's tropical reefs. There are butterflyfish, shrimps, angelfish, turtles, sea stars, parrotfish, anemones... A Closer Look is an enchanting virtual dive into the realm of a vibrant coral reef, and even includes optional subtitles that identify each critter for you. Soundtracks Award-winning composer Bjorn Lynne's serene soundtracks are featured on Reefscapes: Nature's Aquarium and Reefscapes: A Closer Look, and both videos can be looped for continuous playback.

"You'll Love Your Aquarium DVD!"
Turns your TV into a Aquarium

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